New in 2014 for Dietitians!

The Commission on Dietetic Registration has approved the Clinical Lipid Specialist certification for 75 CPEUs. Click here for more information.

"Being credentialed as a Clinical Lipid Specialist has allowed me to broaden my scope as a nurse practitioner. I now operate a lipid clinic within my practice two days per week. I receive referrals from other providers for the management of their complex dyslipidemic patients."

Debbie Friedrich, NP, MS
Clinical Lipid Specialist

The Accreditation Council for Clinical Lipidology (ACCL) is an independent certifying organization that has developed standards and an examination in the field of Clinical Lipidology for the growing number of allied health professionals, primary care and paraprofessionals who are involved in lipid management.

ACCL provides recognition and distinction in the field of Clinical Lipidology for those allied health, primary care professionals and paraprofessionals who successfully credential and complete a written examination. Certification by the ACCL provides benefits to both the practitioner and the profession by:

  • Improving the quality of patient care
  • Setting benchmarks of clinical competency for lipid specialists
  • Encouraging ongoing learning and improvement required for professional excellence over a lifetime of practice
  • Helping allied professionals achieve recognition of their specialized training and qualifications
  • Enhancing the credibility of the allied professional and the specialty of Clinical Lipidology in the medical community

To learn more about our exams including eligibility and requirements, click on one of the Certification Pathways below:

Basic Competency in Clinical Lipidology

The BCCL program is open to anyone with a general involvement in the field of lipidology and lipid management. Benchmark your professional competency in the field of clinical lipidology and sharpen your skills.

Learn More

Clinical Lipid Specialist

The CLS program certifies licensed Allied Health Professionals and validates their professional credentials to provide specialized care to patients with dyslipidemia and related cardiometabolic conditions.

Learn More
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