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The Commission on Dietetic Registration has approved the Clinical Lipid Specialist certification for 75 CPEUs. Click here for more information.

"Being credentialed as a Clinical Lipid Specialist has allowed me to broaden my scope as a nurse practitioner. I now operate a lipid clinic within my practice two days per week. I receive referrals from other providers for the management of their complex dyslipidemic patients."

Debbie Friedrich, NP, MS
Clinical Lipid Specialist


There are multiple resources available to help you prepare for the BCCL or the CLS examinations, please see the information listed below.

Download the complete credentialing guide here (Acrobat Reader Required)

Core Curriculum in Clinical Lipidology

The National Lipid Association, in conjunction with the American Board of Clinical Lipidology (ABCL) and the Accreditation Council of Clinical Lipidology (ACCL), published a Core Curriculum in Clinical Lipidology. This curriculum identifies and defines areas of knowledge important to the delivery of quality care and serves as a basis for the content of the certification examinations in Clinical Lipidology. The core curriculum is comprised of the information deemed as the most relevant clinical information for a practicing lipid specialist or lipidologist.

Download the Core Curriculum here.

Continuing Education

The National Lipid Association (NLA) offers a lifelong learning program that paves the way for professional development and recognition of the distinct and specialized knowledge required of clinical lipidologists. Lipidology is an evolving field that requires clinicians to stay abreast of the latest clinical research and treatment guidelines and to apply this knowledge in practice. The NLA has developed educational activities at all levels of competency and provides continuous clinical updates, opportunities for self-assessment and practice improvement. Please visit to find out more information about these continuing education activities.

Related organizations such as the Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses Association (PCNA) also offer lipid and preventive cardiology educational programs and resources that you may find helpful.

The NLA Lipid Academy

This intermediate level 1.5-day course will present a comprehensive indoctrination to clinical lipidology and will provide essential information and resource materials for the systematic management of dyslipidemia in a lipid clinic program. This course will provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary to work effectively in lipid practice, and will serve as a preparatory course for more advanced lipid education and training courses.

The Lipid Management Training Course is recommended training for the ACCL's Basic Competency in Clinical Lipidology exam, and the first step in training for the Clinical Lipid Specialist (CLS) examination.

Masters in Lipidology Advanced Training Course

This intensive 2-day course is offered by the NLA to those health professionals seeking an in-depth, advanced review of the Lipidology field and provides preparation for certification in clinical Lipidology.

For those candidates with significant experience in lipid management, the Masters in Lipidology advanced course would be suitable preparation for the CLS exam. For those who are newer to the field, participation first in the LMTC and then the Masters course would be suggested. The CE credit hours earned from participating in these activities will help you to meet the CLS credentialing criteria.

Complete Certification Preparation – The NLA Self-Assessment Program

The National Lipid Association (NLA) developed the NLA Self-Assessment Program (NLA-SAP) to provide a critical assessment of your knowledge and to guide you in the selection of additional training courses as well as prepare you for certification in clinical lipidology. The NLA-SAP works to objectively validate and enhance your clinical knowledge of the core curriculum in clinical lipidology as well as challenge your problem-solving skills in the diagnosis and management of patients with dyslipidemia. The NLA-SAP is comprised of 5 volumes (listed below) that serve as comprehensive preparation for the allied health certification programs. Each volume of the NLA-SAP allows you to perform a diagnostic self-assessment of your strength and weaknesses in important aspects of the knowledge base underlying the Clinical Lipidology Core Curriculum topic areas. In addition, each volume of the NLA-SAP provides between 18 - 35 hours of CME/CE credit that will count toward credentialing for the certifying exams.

Volume 1: The Science of Lipidology: Lipid Metabolism, Pathogenesis of Atherosclerosis and Genetic Disorders
Volume 2: Cardiovascular Disease Risk Stratification: Identification of Risk Factors and Management of Patients at Risk
Volume 3: Contemporary Management of Dyslipidemia: Therapeutic Lifestyle Change
Volume 4: Contemporary Management of Dyslipidemia: Pharmacologic Therapy
Volume 5: Consultative Issues in Clinical Lipidology

All SAPs can be ordered online at

Topic Specific Assessment Modules – The Complex Lipid Management SAP Series

The Complex Lipid Management Self-Assessment Program (CLM-SAP) series provides focused clinical updates on specific topics in clinical Lipidology. Each CLM-SAP offers between 5-6 CME/CE credit hours and are made available online to all active NLA members free of charge. Please visit for more information.


There are a number of textbooks and handbooks now available in clinical Lipidology. A list is provided on on the "Bookshelf" page (found at Many of these textbooks, such as Therapeutic Lipidology, are available to NLA members at a significant discount off the publisher's price.

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