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Renewal of Certification Application Portal

Clinical Lipid Specialists (CLS) wishing to maintain their credential must participate in renewal of certification (ROC). Use this portal to apply for renewal and to submit required documents.

A $249 renewal fee is required when submitting your application.

Purpose of Renewal of Certification

Becoming certified as a CLS demonstrates professional accomplishment and growth, and validates competence, knowledge, dedication, and commitment to best practices and standards in the field of lipidology. Competence includes both cognition and behaviors, and can be defined as the ongoing ability to integrate and apply the knowledge, skills, judgment, and values to practice safely, effectively, and ethically in a designated role.

After initial certification, ROC encourages individuals to continue activities essential to the maintenance of knowledge and continuing competence required for their level of practice and certification. With new technology, strategies, and research comes change. ROC assures the public that those holding the CLS credential have maintained knowledge and competence, and are up-to-date with the latest advances in the field of lipidology.

The ACCL requires that all CLS renew their certification every 10 years to maintain active status. A CLS can continue to use this credential by maintaining their license to practice (if applicable) and meeting the CLS ROC requirements in place at the time of their renewal. Those who do not renew their certification, must cease use of the CLS credential after the associated expiration date, and will no longer be recognized on the ACCL website as certified.

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